Salary loans

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20000 Ft


30 days


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25000 Ft


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5 min


6540 for 15 days

In only 4 minutes you can receive up to 5000 pesos on your card

Now it isn’t necessary to borrow money from friends and relatives before salary to wait for it or an advance. You will find all the information about  the best credit companies in Philippines where it is possible to take a small sum without problems and to give it from a pay.

Who really gets a salary loan?

 It's not so important, you work officially on an employment record or as a sole private entrepreneur or a freelancer. It doesn’t matter whether your salary is white or black in an envelope. Salary loans are issued to the most trustworthy citizens of Philippines. It is more important  to not have problems with credit history and delinquencies in loans in other companies. Unfortunately, not all companies are ready to issue loans to residents of certain areas of Zamboanga City and Caloocan.

Who can usually take salary loans?

Nowadays, in the credit market of Philippinesin 90% of cases microcredit companies lend money before the advance. In the remaining 10% of cases - this is either some banks or private lenders. There are a lot of companies, and if you were denied a credit in one office, feel free to try the rest. If you really need money, after passing a dozen companies, you can get a loan.

Where and how can a person receive a salary loan?

Most credit companies have their own website where you apply for a loan. Once you apply, the employee of the company will contact you, specify the details and possibly additional data for the loan. If your application is approved you will be able to receive money in the nearest future. Most companies will be able to transfer your loan to a bank card. Some companies may issue cash in their office or branch. Credit offices have branches in most major cities of Philippines.

How can you quickly get a salary loan, how much time does it usually take?

The application for a loan is usually considered takes 5-30 minutes. If the decision on the application is positive, then you can receive the money on the same day or the next day, if you applied at the end of the day.

How much can I get before my salary?

Most companies can easily give out from 1000 to 30000 Pilippine peso. Some companies are ready to lend up to 5000 PHP. And there are companies that can lend up up to 10,000 PHP but sometimes such a sum is available if this is not the first time when you apply to this organization and earlier returned the debt on time.

What do you need to get a salary loan?

Most companies will be enough Philippine passport and other identity document for a loan. Some companies need a certificate of salary or a surety (guarantee?), but such companies are willing to give a large amount.